Sunday, February 27, 2011


A follow up to my last post.
I received an email from a good friend who'd just read the post and her email had hints of gathering the troops for an intervention. So, I figured I should do a follow up.

My workout was anything but terrible, horrible and no good!
But I wanted to keep it real in my post. That's really how I was feeling this morning and I promised I'd share this journey even when it wasn't pretty. But I hope the take away from the post is that I want to knock out the negative self talk and be present and grateful in this journey.

When Coleen and I first started training we did intervals at the track, walk the curves and run the straights and we felt like rockstars! And I'm a huge fan of run/walk workouts. But something about how the leg cramps came back combined with our training group already being up to 5 miles (and me feeling far from that distance) that just got that grumpy grump voice going as I tried to get into the workout this morning. I want to toughen up a bit and get better at hearing that voice and saying "Nuh-uh! You're not going to get me down. I'm up and here and grateful for what I can do in this moment. Here I go... wheeee" (or something like that).

And the 5-1 alcohol to water ratio... well I promise that's not usually how I roll. And I am not up in the club (not even close actually). But no excuses, it's just a good thing for me to pay attention to-- how those drinks (and their accompanying calories) can creep up on you.
The 5 drinks I'm talking about from yesterday went like this: I had 2 mimosas in the morning with my roomies, a glass of champagne with a friend as we toasted her birthday that afternoon, and then later that night 2 more drinks. And I can only think of one good solid glass of water that I had all day. That's no good! It's well over 1,000 calories in alcohol. Can we say self-defeating? Plus, it left me feeling lousy this morning.

So I'm not swearing off alcohol completely but I want it (like cookies) to be a sometime treat and not turn into a habit.

Don't worry. I'm being much nicer to myself this afternoon. xo

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