Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rain or shine

Yesterday was our track workout. We ran on the outside of the track since there was a soccer game going on. The loop was longer and after 2 "warm up" laps I was certainly feeling it.

The workout itself was a kind of zig zag path instead of just our usual laps.
Up and over a little hill on the side of the track,
up the bleacher steps,
down the length of the track,
down the bleacher steps,
Up and over the hill on the opposite side of the track
up the bleacher steps,
down the stairs. Repeat x4.

I know it's kind of hard to picture the loop in text form and usually I try to squeeze in a picture, but with 2 hills and 2 flights of stairs I was just trying to remain upright. After the 4th loop we were to stretch, fuel up a bit and do 4 more! As much as I know these workouts are a time to push yourself, I had to ease up a bit. I finished the first 4 loops and then I walked 2 more loops as a cool down and then stretched.

I think it was about 2.5 miles including the warm up. I was so sore today!

Today we got an email announcing Saturdays workout.
So Saturday could be quite a challenge depending on the weather. Don't let that keep you from running. Come prepared for bad weather, wear your training shirts, both of them as layers, wear an outer jacket that is weather resistant and windproof, gloves and a hat are a necessity....

Saturday is not just supposed to be a challenge... it's supposed to SNOW! For the first time in 30 years! SNOW in San Francisco. I'll keep you updated! But it does look like Saturday may be a treadmill workout for me.


  1. Snow? What's up with that. We are supposed to get snow on Saturday too, but San Fran? I bet you are getting so strong from these work-outs. WTG.

  2. @Darla, The prospect of running in the snow was too much to handle so C and I are officially treadmilling it tomorrow!