Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday EARLY training

Today's training was bright and early; necessitating an early to bed, early to rise attempt. Once we got to the starting site trainees had the option of going 1 mile or 3 miles.

I loved that we were running along the ocean and this time since it was nice and bright I took in as much of the scenery as I could muster. (When I wasn't navigating a painful left calf.)

(Please no remarks about how dry my leg is in this pic, I have since applied lotion.)
Each time I start to run I get the worst stabbing pain all up and down the outside of my calf. Why is that? It doesn't feel like a shin splint since it's on the outside of my leg, but it gets worse with running. Is it just because I'm carrying so much weight right now and my body is adjusting to this new routine?

I felt so discouraged not being able to keep up because of the shooting pain in my leg. I am going to google around today to see if I can find some exercises for it. I found great exercises to strengthen your leg but this feels like a stretching issue?

Coleen had some great tips and thinks it's a matter of strengthening and says it's probably the way I push off from my stride. She of course had the exact names of the muscles, but I've forgotten them already.

We'd gone about a mile when Coleen suggested a mini detour.

It was so absolutely beautiful out. And made me almost forget my little woe is me moment on the path a few minutes earlier.

That's me soaking it all in.

I'm proud of us for getting out there! One step at a time, Bethany, one step at a time.


  1. Hope your calf smartens up. Maybe you just need a day of rest? Don't push it too far because then you may be out of commission for weeks. I like the picture of you soaking it all in. Let us know if you find out what's wrong with your calf...I really hope it just goes away though (poof)

  2. Thanks Darla!! I definitely hope the calf pain goes away soon! I'm sure it will take a while for my body to adjust to such consistent working out!