Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sign me up!

You know I loooove me some Oprah!

Don't panic. This isn't my tattoo. Apparently there are a few others who love Oprah too...

I am signed up for every mailing list on Oprah.com. Every day emails pour into my email box from Oprah herself (c'mon, let me pretend...), each one bursting with tips to live your best life.

Today's email asked "What's Holding You Back From Feeling Great?"

Good question, right?
According to this article the three things that contribute most to your sense of feeling good are:
Confidence, Freedom, and Connection. I'll buy that.

They even offer a quiz to help you identify gaps, where one or more of these 3 elements could be lacking.

You can take the quiz here as part of "The Feel Good Challenge"

The quiz focuses on fitness, diet, and stress.

In the Fitness category I scored low in my fitness confidence, and high in my fitness freedom and connection.

They broke it down by saying I'm open and excited to try new types of exercises (this is true). And I feel like I have folks I can turn to for support (like you all!)

The fitness confidence being low was interesting to read. The low score summary said that maybe my goals are unrealistic or are not matching up with my motivation or inspiration. I definitely feel like taking a closer look at my goals was crucial. It helped to put things in perspective for me and focus on what I really want, and that's to feel healthy and more connected in my body (no matter what the scale says).

I loved the recommendation given; "kick off a positive feedback loop". Once you've achieved a goal (no matter how small) you can totally build on that success to help move you forward. I want to be sure to build milestones into my goal so that I can celebrate successes along the way.

In the diet section, I scored High in the confidence, freedom and connection categories. This was a surprise since I feel as if my food is the area I struggle with most.

Same with my stress section, high in all three areas! This was definitely not the case tonight when I ate not one but three donuts on my way home. I had resisted when I was on the way to my friends house, but on the way home I had a headache and I was tired and the stresses of the day somehow felt like they would disappear on the other side of consuming a donut.

This is almost never the case.

Usually even if I'm eating something I know isn't going to help the situation, I'm at least semi enjoy it. The yuck feeling comes later.
Right after, I usually just feel discouraged and wonder where the pause button was.

Confidence, Freedom, and Connection. Definitely food for thought.

Image of Oprah tattoo found here
Donut spread image found here

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