Monday, February 28, 2011

Three cheers for organization!

Do you remember this post? Where I shared my embarrassingly disorganized pantry area?

That post was way back in September:

As Peter Walsh says, "No one makes good choices in a messy kitchen". And it's so true. It just stresses me out to even look at it.... My goals for the space include moving the table away so that we can more easily access the shelves. Having all food neatly organized so that I can quickly see what I have and what I need more of. Since one of my goals is to cook at home more, I've been working to make the kitchen more of a space I want to spend time in and that includes the pantry. Stay tuned!

How could I prepare healthier meals at home when I couldn't even see what food I had on hand? I seriously didn't even want to unpack my groceries because it meant navigating a maze of clutter to get to the pantry shelves. I had some great intentions for the space, but I gotta tell you, it got worse before it got better. With roomies who have long since moved out (but left a box or three hidden beneath the clutter), and four current roommates navigating laundry, storage, and a pantry area; this room quickly got out of control.

But no longer!!!

The amazing organizer (and my dear friend) Autumn over at Space for Living, visited recently and totally transformed the space. And even though the pics are pretty dramatic, they still don't do it justice!

Autumn's awesome before and after pic

And I'm so excited to report that the pantry area has since become a haven of organization! I am able to quickly and easily see what I have on hand, and make choices about what I want to use that day!

Check out the full post and details of the transformation over here at Space for Living!
Thank you Autumn!!!

P.S. When I went back to look at the September post there's a comment from Autumn where she says she wants to dive in and help tackle the space. And it really did happen! Love it!


  1. I really love the organized look and I have to keep it up and it does get away from me. I agree with what you said though about preparing healthy meals and being overwhelmed by the clutter.

  2. It's made SUCH a huge difference!
    Since it's a (room-sized) closet we just shut the door when it got overwhelming, but that of course did not solve the problem. Also it was always there just kind of lurking. So grateful we got help to tackle it!

  3. You are so welcome! I am so glad it has made a difference in your "adventures." Your right, the pictures don't do it justice!