Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekend adventures

My family...

I started writing "my family is..." and then I just stopped. I have no idea where to go with that sentence. I just know I love them and they love me. I spent the weekend in my hometown celebrating my Grandmothers 80th birthday! Such a joy!

On Sunday (pre-all-you-can-eat gourmet buffet brunch) my Uncle and I took a long walk around the shoreline. It was such a warm and gorgeous day and I felt happy to be there soaking it in.

For some reason there were not one, but two pay and weigh scales on the boardwalk. No, thank you.
After our walk I did make it to the hotel gym for a very quick but productive run. I had a goal to at least get a mile in. At the mile mark I went to 1.5 miles and I think I could have run for longer!
The treadmill feels so very different. I still found myself struggling a bit, but I was able to go much faster than when I'm out there on the group runs trodding along.

Hotels clearly have standard posters/ graphics that go to all the different properties in the chain. There will be no making snow angels today, says the Press Telegram.

Beautiful birthday brunch with my Grandma! Cheers to the start of a new decade!

Delicious chocolates for Valentine. I only chose my favorite one to eat and shared the rest.

Sunshine greeted me when I arrived and a beautiful sunset was the view as I got on the plane to head home.
The weekend also featured one of my lowest and my highest step counts ever! Saturday 2, 263 steps, but Sunday 18,796 steps! Since my goal is at least 10,000 a day, that kind of balances out right?

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