Friday, February 11, 2011

Why hello there sunshine!

I'm visiting family this weekend. (My Grandmother's 80th birthday!!!)

I'll be missing the run with our SF training group on Saturday; but I did bring my running shoes so I can get in a workout at the hotel gym.

Have I mentioned I love hotel gyms? They have towels, and water, and current magazines and sometimes even fruit. I pretend it's a marvelous day spa. I put my towel around my neck and dab my brow as I walk around peering at the various equipment. Sounds obnoxious huh? But it keeps me entertained and truthfully there's rarely anyone else in the gym while I'm doing this little dance.

Oh and I'm writing this from my Grandma's house and I just have to share this... She just got an iPad. I downloaded a free version of that angry birds game for her. She's hooked! A second ago, she and my grandpa were playing angry birds fussing at each other about how to get the bird to launch the farthest. My mom was on the cell phone and on an iPad at the same time! Oh technology. I suppose that's my cue to sign off. Happy weekend y'all!


  1. Sounds like your grandparents are very up-to-date. That's fantastic. I like hotel gyms too...even if I'm just looking :)

  2. Yes! I tease my Gma and call her my high tech Granny.

  3. Your Grandma is officially an Angry Birder. She loves playing that game! Though I refuse all offers of downloads, I am pleased you shared something that makes her so happy. WE LOVED HAVING YOU HERE!

  4. Thanks Mom!! I'll admit I got kind of hooked on Angry Birds too. We're scheming on a way to get you to download it too =)