Friday, February 18, 2011

You mean I'm not the only one?

I promise, I am neither vain nor silly enough to think I was the only person struggling with issues around weight and self-confidence and then blogging about it. I just didn't think about it.

For the whole of last year I blogged in a bubble. I shared the blog with a few of my closest friends, and thought about sharing it broadly, but until this January I kept it pretty private.

I don't remember which blog I saw first. But after I stumbled across one healthy living/ weight loss blog it was like unlocking the door to a thousand.

I think it's telling that I started sharing this journey in a bubble. I have spent too long feeling ashamed of being heavy, of "struggling" with my weight, of "taking up too much space". And it is scary to talk about what you weigh, and admit insecurities.

But this truth telling and shame removing is a powerful and important thing. This journey is hard because it goes deeper than just the number on the scale. So the "eat less, move more" is great as a general rule, but harder to implement when emotions, fear, and history are there to navigate too. Not that I'm making excuses. I get it... "eat less, move more". But it sure does feel easy to say and hard to do sometimes... a lot of the time.

I'm grateful that I get to read along as others navigate this journey too. Community matters. That's why the weight watchers meetings were so important. There were folks you were accountable too and there were also folks also struggling along with this journey too. I don't have a blog roll up of the sites I'm reading yet, but I shared a few in this post. I also wanted to be sure and share this caution sign from Tara over at Life Changing Journey (formerly 263 and Counting).

This has come in handy lately. So, thank you Tara! And thank you all you fierce, fabulous, bloggers out there telling your truths; it's inspiring me to tell mine.

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