Monday, March 21, 2011

Eating my way through the Pacific Northwest

I'm home from a weekend of way more sitting and eating than slimming and trimming. Still, it was a perfect little getaway. Short and sweet, but full of good music, great company, excellent theatre and ridiculously rich food.

On Friday, my friend and I drove up to Ashland, OR. She's been at least half a dozen times, but this was my first time heading to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

We stayed at cozy place called the Stratford Inn. Super comfy beds, and I only had to stumble down the hall to a little coffee shop right on our floor to get the day started.

I set a goal to work out at least once over the weekend. It was so so cold I decided to use the gym through the Inn instead of running in the little park I'd hope to explore. For reals, I am going to get proper gear to run in the cold. Until then though, the treadmill felt amazing the morning after our 6 hour drive.
We saw three plays in total, each one more different than the next: Measure for Measure and To Kill a Mockingbird on Saturday; and on Sunday The Imaginary Invalid. Before, after and even between the plays we ate. Lemon poppyseed pancakes, blackberry and banana pancakes, coconut encrusted french toast, huge blueberry muffins, piping hot coffees, spicy breakfast quesadillas... oh the food this weekend was delicious.

I definitely don't splurge like that every weekend, and I was sure to do plenty of sharing of eats around the table.

Best of all... I tracked everything! That's right, every little bite.

And even though my extremely rich breakfast and dinner on Saturday put me over my calorie goal for the day, I balanced it with my treadmill time that morning and a lighter dinner the night before.

Splurging is a sometimes thing.

In the past when I had a weekend of splurging (or sometimes even a big meal), I would tend to let my goals slip by the wayside for the next meal and the next meal after that. I really enjoyed my weekend and the fun new restaurants I got to try, but I don't need to let that derail my weight loss completely.


  1. Oh my! Can I have those pancakes right now!! What a fun little trip and I am so happy to hear you maintained your food balance. I, on the other hand, did not. 2 bowls of ice cream on Saturday, one with a brownie, and one strawberry shortcake. I know, it was awful but how can you turn down ice cream?

  2. Yes! The pancakes were amazing! =)
    And I rarely turn down ice cream either!