Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's my blogiversary! (Part I)

I'm singing that title to the tune of the Tony Toni Tone song "It's our Anniversary". Slightly off-key but heartfelt just the same.
It was a YEAR ago that I launched Bgettinghot! I knew I wanted to share this journey. I didn't want try and "lose weight and gain self" in isolation! I wanted to do it as a part of a community of folks that I could share with and learn from.

Still, I started out tentative, sharing only with a few of my nearest and dearest. Sharing felt like a revolutionary act of removing shame no matter what the scale might say. And this January, I said, "let's do this!"! And so I opened the blog up. Doing so felt even more revolutionary for me. I didn't need to hide this journey and funny enough when I did that... I actually really started losing weight (10 pounds in the last 2 months!). Since then I've also found some pretty amazing fellow bloggers who share their journey of blogging about transformation-- the body and mind kind.

I thought for this blogiversary post Part I, I would share a few "by the numbers" stats with you like I used to back in the day. Here we go!

150- number of posts so far (including this one)

10- Number of "followers" I have on this blog. I share this because my mom showed my Grandma my blog and when I asked her what she thought, she said "do you have more than 7 people reading it yet?" At the time I had 7 followers so I'm happy to share that now I have 10 Grandma! I know some of you who read don't "follow" along via google. I just couldn't resist sharing that stat since it is the only thing she had to say about the blog. Haha

3- times a week that I exercised in February. A new record for me! Yay consistency.

3- Highest number of yoga classes I attended in one week, though now I have a goal of 1 per week and it feels more doable and more joy-filled.

10- pounds lost when I first started this blog. I started the journey at 253. And got down to 243.

28- pounds I proceeded to gain over the next year. Bringing me to my highest weight of 271.

11- pounds I've happily "relost". And as of today I weigh 260.2.

2- Amount of times I went back to weigh myself to see that I'd really lost another 2 pounds this week.

0- Times I felt ashamed that I hadn't "technically" lost any weight this last year.

Countless (Okay at least 5)- Times I felt proud of myself for sticking with this journey. And remembering it's not just about what the scale says.

Thanks for reading along and stay tuned for Blogiversary Part II and III!


  1. Yeah for proud! Ha ha, your grandma is funny. They always say just the right thing, don't they? LOL

    Cute picture xox.

  2. Thanks Darla!
    And yup! That was the perfect thing for her to say :)