Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Runners world...

I actually read and enjoyed an issue of Runner's World.
This may not seem that bizarre. But for me, it is further evidence of my entré into half-marathon training land.

I was at Coleen's house and she had the latest issue on her coffee table. This particular issue was "The Weight Loss issue" but I don't even think that was why I found it so fascinating. I actually started thumbing through it kind of casually, la de da look at how strong that woman looks. Ooh look at that pretty running trail. But soon I was actually completely engrossed. I read about 5 of the articles and found a bunch of tips that I want to try.

This picture is actually from the February issue and a great article on the Biggest Loser. I thought it was pretty interesting. As someone who is heavy and working my way to running a half marathon, I loved reading about the contestants journey. You can read the article here.

Yes, Runners World, yes! I am dragging the day after a long run! How did you know?

Look how strong she looks. I know it's probably her job to look that fierce in the plank position, and it's working.

You can find the article pictured above about weight loss at this link here. I thought it had some pretty good tips in it. And once again, another person recommending you keep a food log. I know... I know... I'm so resistant to it and yet it's actually helping me.

For some reason I totally got excited about the prospect of a Disney Wine and Dine Half-Marathon. Maybe it is the prospect of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast running it with me?

I'm such a newbie runner, that I definitely didn't think the magazine would be for me. It actually felt funny to all of a sudden be drawn to this magazine that previously felt completely out of my realm of interest like Auto Mechanics Weekly. And to change my mind about a topic, kind of like the time I picked up my niece's copy of Highlights just to reminisce and realized I'd officially outgrown "Goofus and Gallant"; our tastes can change.

Any regular reads that get you inspired?

P.S. I know this post sounds like a giant commercial for Runner's World. Trust me, I'm not suggesting you run out and subscribe, but I'm all about sharing good tips when I find them. I checked out the website and they have a lot of goodies online you can download for free! Yay! Free is good!


  1. It's funny when we find something out of the "norm" to motivate us. I'm not sure I'll ever be a runner, but something about any of the Disney marathons appeals to me!! LOL!

  2. Hi Natasha! Yes, it was definitely a pleasant surprise. I actually had no idea about Disney marathons! It does sound kind of fun though! But maybe I'm forgetting about the have to run 13.1 miles part and just thinking about riding Space Mountain and eating Churros.

  3. I read Backpacker magazine and I practically drool. It's pathetic. :) I know my husband is looking forward to doing this first half-marathon in the near future. There are some great ones up here in Oregon and Washington. He's been running for a little over a year now so it does take time to get to that point but it's certainly worth it. I'll be happy just to do my first 5k in July. ;)

  4. Haha! Yes! I was totally drooling at all the runners lingo!
    And your first 5K is no small potatoes! That's awesome!!!!

  5. You are awesome! Congratulations on making those changes. So did they have the "Don't rush the weight loss" next to the story of Biggest Loser? That's one thing that bothers me about that show! :-)

  6. Such a good point!! The articles were in different issues. And so true, they lose so much weight so fast it's sometimes kind of scary!

  7. You made me realize that I haven't look at a Runner's World in so long! It use to be a regular read especially when I was trying to lose the baby weight after my 1st and felt zero motivation. Just flipping through it would get me up and moving!

  8. I think I remember you having copies of the magazine around. I also remember I completely ignored them! =) Who knew I'd find so many tips in even just one issue!