Friday, March 4, 2011

Running a mile! Who me?!?!?

Training for this half-marathon has been quite the adventure and I'm only in week 5 of 26!

At our third team workout we did a timed mile. I was confident I could finish, and just as sure that I would not be able to run the whole thing. Still I was excited to announce my first mile time in this post here.

2/2/11 Timed mile/ Track run 15:42

I was actually looking forward to this weeks track workout because we were doing our second timed mile. And I was excited to see if I'd made progress. I know I've made progress, but I was excited to be able make a real tangible comparison of the timed mile progress.

My first area of progress was endurance. I was able to run the whole mile without stopping! Although I'd done a mile and a half during training, it still amazes me when I'm able to keep going. That thrill has definitely not worn off.

And the second area of progress was my time.

3/2/11 Timed mile/ Track run 13:21

Over 2 minutes faster!!!
And since I am not focused on speedwork, it was a fun bonus to see so much improvement. Especially since going in I had set a goal of going just :30 seconds faster.
(One person that night improved by 4 minutes!!!)

So this is what consistency can do... hmmmm I like it.


  1. Wonderful! I hope you are very proud of yourself. Remember this feeling!

  2. I like it! Good job!! Running is so not my thing so I really admire you doing this. :)

  3. Thanks Darla, it's amazing how fast I can forget that feeling. I think I will come back to this post often to remind myself!

  4. Kelli! Thanks friend! It hasn't ever been my thing either so you can imagine my shock at keeping it going this month :) xoxo

  5. Congrats! Isn't amazing how your running endurance can build? And nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment! You're inspiring me in my own personal "gettinghot" adventure--I love reading along. Miss you--xoxo, T.

  6. Thanks Tania!! It's a first for me to actually see and feel progress.
    I'm so glad you're reading along sweet friend!