Monday, March 7, 2011

The sick list roll call

True to form, the start of my new blog schedule has been delayed. But only because I have a cold and all I can think about is... this cold.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a "sick list". A bunch of go to items, that if I can drag myself out of bed and to the store, I automatically grab.
Turns out, though many of them do serve as comfort foods when I'm sick, they actually aren't helping me get well. So I'm trying to rethink this list and lean it towards the healthier side.

Before you read the list and grimace, know that I'm trying to make some better choices, but figured I'd tell it like it is. Without further ado, B's go to sick list.

Hot Tamales candy
Yup, that's right, when all other food fails to wake up your dulled taste buds, leave it to the artificial spiciness of Hot Tamales candy to kick it up a notch. I'm like Pavlov's drooling dog when I see a box of Hot Tamales. I love them and for some reason crave them like crazy when I have a cold. But I know sugar is just feeding the cold monster so I'm trying not to even bring them into the house.

Frosted Mini Wheats
Just enough sweetness and crunch to satisfy. Plus when your throat is scratchy it feels really good to eat this cereal. (Is that gross?)

Nonfat milk (despite the rule about avoiding dairy while you're sick, this is on the list)
Orange Juice (the extra pulpy kind-- which I hated as a child, but now love)
Lemons (to go in my water)
Really Yummy chicken noodle soup (the kind with thick noodles and lots of veggies)
Wheat Thins (to go with the Chicken noodle soop)

My magic Vernors ginger ale (we always had this in the fridge when I was growing up and it was way too strong for me, but now love!)
Kleenex tissues (the really soft kind, but not the lotion kind)
Hall's cough drops (the honey lemon kind)

They aren't all bad, right? But I know it's better to stay away from sugar and dairy while you're battling a cold. And today I managed to get to the store and guess what tried to jump on the list? Waffles! Waffles! and more waffles. It's all I could think about. All I wanted. I almost convinced myself that Eggo somehow found the cure for the common cold and if I didn't get them and eat the whole box I wouldn't experience the cure. Yeah, it's the fever talking.
But after pressing my nose against the glass, and then disinfecting the glass, I walked away from the waffles calling my name and headed back to produce.
Here's the haul I walked away with.

Some cheese still snuck its way in there but I'll avoid it the next day or two.

What about you? Any go to's when you are sick?

hot tamales image found here
Frosted mini wheats image found here
Vernor's image found here


  1. Get well soon. There sure are some nasty bugs going around.

  2. I am so glad you didn't get those hot tamales and eggos! That is progress. I love the picture of all that health stuff!

    My go-to is toast with pb&j, a roll of toliet paper and vaseline for my raw nose because I am too cheap to buy tissue.

  3. Thanks Autumn =)

    Lol, yes vaseline and tp can be a perfect standby!