Monday, March 21, 2011

Tonights walk

I'm just back from my first run with the training group in over 2 weeks.

My last long run with our training group felt kind of surreal. Sure there were quite a few stops and even a couple of walks, but all in all I ran 5 of the 6 miles in our Saturday long run. Since then I took a week off to recover from my cold and then did 2 workouts last week to try and get revved again. Even though I was taking it slow these past two weeks, I kept thinking about how I felt during that long run; excited about my progress and stronger than I had before.

Tonight was a different story.

We were to run 3 miles at our "marathon pace". Faster than our long run pace and slower than our timed mile pace. I am so not at the "think about your pace" stage. I'm just focused on breathing and staying upright. I felt pretty confident that I could do the 3 miles, kind of confident.... almost confident....

I started out fine, a little too fast, but I eventually found my stride. A mile in I had caught up with the other runners who had stopped to stretch. I joined them to stretch a bit and then we set off again. Immediately I felt dizzy and nauseated. Like I could upchuck sort of queasy. I started walking and just tried to breathe and not get too panicky.

Walking meant I felt the cold more and I soon lost sight of the other runners as they turned the corner and headed back to the start line. But for every discouraging thought that came up, I tried to knock it down with a little cheer and a deep breath. After all, I was out there and I was moving even if it was at a walk pace.
In my last post I shared my mega splurges this past weekend; "I really enjoyed my weekend and the fun new restaurants I got to try, but I don't need to let that derail my weight loss completely." In truth that statement was a pep talk for myself. Today I'd eaten 2 mega scoops of ice cream with lunch and a piece of chocolate later that afternoon. I have a feeling that may have lent to the not so steady yuck feeling I had mid run.

So for tonight I was walking more than I was running. But I decided I would enjoy my walk. I even captured a few pics to share.
Including pics of ATT Park. Opening week is in just a few weeks and that delights me so very much.
I feel like I'm starting over in some ways.
But I'm not giving up!


  1. Good for you! I'm jumping up and down, clapping & cheering because you stuck with it and finished. Okay, not really, just in my heart. You have a great attitude. Hang in there.

  2. Thank you Debbie! I totally love and appreciate the encouragement! =) I felt down but not out! I'm definitely not giving up on this journey!

  3. It is so easy to give up after a big binge. I don't know why, but it always happens. Good for you for at least being mindful of that, and trying not to let it happen. You went back out there and continued working - something that is hard to do after you feel like you've sabotaged yourself. Keep on and I will too!

  4. Thanks Cortney! I agree, it's so easy to give up, and talking myself out of quitting feels really hard sometimes. I appreciate the encouragement and I'm so glad you're reading along!