Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting "re-railed"

I can't think of the opposite of derailed... De-derailed?
Derailed is what I was last week, completely.
I'm not too nervous about it though seeing as that cold was a doozy and all I wanted to do (and all I was capable of doing) was sleep.

This last weekend, I ventured out on my first walk since my cold and even managed to get a bit of a hill in there. The walk was only 20 minutes and I was pooped. Still it felt pretty good to move.
Coleen asked if I wanted to workout on Sunday, since we'd both missed the long Saturday run. I almost ditched out... but I didn't! And Sunday morning I was up on the treadmill singing along to my workout mega mix. I didn't run, but I did walk--briskly. I also added an incline and steadily increased it to 4.5 for 40 minutes (and a 5 min. cool down)!

Gotta admit, it felt amazing! I mean Amazing amazing. It was like all of my little muscles were waking up after a long hibernation. Ahhh! I kinda couldn't believe how good and reenergizing the workout felt.

I still wasn't up for our training groups Monday night run, especially since it was raining yesterday. But I am going to try to make it out to track tomorrow, even if I only do part of the workout. I've got to get back on track. haha. Get on track... at the track.... yeah, so....

Oh! And because of my beast of a cold I never shared with you my long Saturday run! This wasn't this Saturday that just passed, but the Saturday before. Each week we have a long run and so far 4 miles has been my limit. This time though, we were doing 6 miles! And the coach wanted me to run the whole way!!!! Yeah, I thought she was crazy too.

They split us up into pace groups. I was the second to the last (slowest) pace, just in front of the run/ walkers. We had a fabulous, kind and very patient pacer named Karen that stayed with us the whole time. We stopped to stretch at about 1 mile and then again at 2 miles.

Our second stretch break--a little over a third of the way to the first GG pylon

A pic of the view of the city from our second stretch break.

When we hit the tough hills up to the bridge Karen gave us some great advice, "If you are running up a hill and walkers are passing you, go ahead and walk. Don't run up a hill if you can walk up it faster." I walked up the hills. But the rest of the 6 miles.... I ran!!!! I would guess in total I was running for a tiny bit over 5 miles. I couldn't believe it. The coach was heckling me saying "And you couldn't even run 1 mile when we started." Well, that is true. "But not today!" I thought. I did it! I felt so enoromously proud of myself. And so incredibly sore.
This is where we started and ended our run, and we went waaaay out to that first pylon out there
you can see in the pic above.

When we got back to the start area they had water and snacks for us including fruit and bagels. But that's not all. There were also... donuts... Oh donuts how I crave thee. And if there is ever a time when I am going to give in to a craving, it's when all of my defenses are on the ground right next to my wobbly legs and feet thanks to a 6 mile trek. But I didn't have one!!! I grabbed some grapes, and a bagel (still a sugar bomb, but a much needed one).

I think it's kind of funny that I took 2 pictures of the donuts. Did I mention I really wanted one?

I wobbled back to my car and proceeded to head home and take a much needed 2 1/2 hour nap. This was all on Saturday, the day before I woke up with my cold, so I think the nap was also my body trying to take care of itself and recover.
The other bummer about getting sick, is that I had to reschedule a running date.

That's right, my very first running date ever! Never in my life have I had plans with a friend to catch up as we... ran?! When Coleen and I ran at the track we were specifically getting ready for our training. Usually, if I'm going to catch up with a friend I suggest coffee or better yet, brunch!My friend Katie runs on trails with her pooch and so she invited me to join them on Sunday morning. I was nervous but really excited to join her. Alas, I was so bummed to miss out thanks to my cold, but we're going to reschedule. And I am still happy to share my Saturday mega run!

I also have to laugh that the next week (this past Saturday-- when I finally mustered up the strength to walk my 20 minutes); the training group was running 9 miles. Ha! Um... yeah... did I mention the 20 minutes kicked my butt?

I'm a bit apprehensive to dive back into the training program after a full week and a half lapse, but I'll just take it nice and easy and try to listen to my body.

Glad to be back!

P.S. Some of the runners who wanted to go out further ran all the way across the bridge. I overheard the coach saying that eventually we'd run all the way across the bridge too. I love that I'd ventured across the bridge on my own! Sure, I started at the base of the bridge and not 2.5 miles away from it, but I still loved it.


  1. Wow, 6 miles way to go! You don't have any more excuses; you are a real runner now.

    It sounds like you have some good coaches after all! Drink up all their encouragement; you earned it and its true!

    Don't be too worried about jumping back in; our bodies can do amazing things. I can't wait to hear about your next big run.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Autumn! And that is the perfect reminder! Our body can do amazing things!!!