Friday, April 29, 2011

A three yoga week!

After another (long) hiatus, I decided I was going to yoga class. (Imagine that same phrase said resolutely, "I AM going to yoga").

At the end of a rather intense session, my therapist wrapped up by saying, "what can you do to take care of yourself this weekend?" It was such a good question. I wondered when I'd last paused long enough to ask. (Yup, I go to therapy. And I'm so very grateful I do. It's so helpful to have that space to process and help make sense of tough stuff-- a space other than this blog that is. Sometimes I do feel as if this blog is a form of therapy in the best sense of the word. It's certainly been a space I'm thankful for).
When she asked me, I said "I'm going to take a yoga class." The statement came out so easily, I actually believed myself.

Friday night is Candlelit mellow flow, one of my favorite classes, led by the amazing Jennifer Jarrett.

Friday night yoga with candles all aglow

Of course, since it was still light outside, this pic of the candles didn't totally capture the coziness of it all, but it was a really lovely class. Long overdo. Clearly, because on Sunday I was at home being lazy, when all of a sudden I had a surge of energy and I was up and in yoga, again!!

Sunday's class was an all levels flow with Eric. Not sure if it was because of Friday's class and my resulting soreness, but yowsa, the class was challenging. I kept reminding myself to breathe and just go moment to moment.

Sunday sunshine

But wait? I said a three yoga week!? That's right. I did indeed go to yoga again last night. My lovely friend, Kate, decided to celebrate her birthday with a yoga class and dinner. Unfortunately, a last minute work meeting meant she was going to miss the class. When I got her email with that announcement, I saw it as an out for me. The class she had chosen was a 2/3 class (meaning more advanced than any class I had ever been to). I was nervous about taking the class, but felt comforted knowing one of my favorite people would be there taking the class right next to me. Once I knew she wasn't going to make it to the class though, I sat right down on my couch and prepared to watch the latest episode of "Hoarders: Buried Alive" (Scary, I know!). I figured I'd just relax and then meet them at the restaurant for the post yoga dinner. But then, just as I was getting comfy I had that little nudging feeling that I knew meant the class would be good for me. I'm happy to announce that I came to my senses just in time to sprint out the door and across town to class.

It was my very FIRST 2-3 class! These classes are faster and more advanced. And I was SO nervous (did I mention that already?). I told the class assistant, the incredible Rachel Meyer, it was my first 2-3 class and she was super sweet and kept checking on me. I so appreciated her kind energy and encouragement! After class I emerged feeling shaky from the pace of the class, but so very glad I'd joined in. And dinner seemed extra sweet surrounded by the other fellow yoga class attendees, all celebrating the fabulous birthday gal.

Ah yoga. It is so challenging and can be so overwhelming in the moment; but then it's all worth it as you lie there in savasana, soaking it all in and feeling grateful you went to class after all.

P.S. More updates soon. For now though, I am pooped! Not because of the yoga, but because for some reason I found myself up at 3am intently watching the Royal Wedding. Who woulda thunk it?
I went to London a couple of years ago and so I think I was particularly jazzed to see the city bursting and all abuzz with excitement on this official holiday.

Look! It's me in London!

Having tea in London. How very proper!

What about you? Were you up watching the wedding? I didn't think I cared... but then, I couldn't resist.


  1. Wow, keep up that yoga pace and you'll be a pro in no time!! I've never been fit enough to enjoy yoga(in fairness I tried it once and felt so out of my eliment) but the aglow one sounds appealing!

  2. Thanks Natasha!
    I am SO so sore! hahah but I guess that's a good thing. =)
    Yes, a mellow flow is the perfect way to start. I also recommend the free beginning videos on Exercise TV (the website). Even if only for the stretching, it feels good.

  3. You did great this week! All that yoga, Wow . . . I'm impressed. I'd like to try it sometime.

    No I didn't watch the Royal Wedding, I didn't even know when it was on. I wouldn't be surprised if my mom watched it though, she read some of Princess Diana's biographies, she is interested in the royal goings on.

  4. Thank you Debbie! =) I surprised myself a bit too!

    I had not anticipated watching the wedding at all. And yet, sure enough, there I was glued to the tv. I remember my Auntie loved Princess Diana, I'll have to call her and ask is she watched the wedding. I'm sure she did too.