Monday, April 4, 2011

When in doubt, choose kindness

Especially kindness to yourself. I'm great at saying this but I haven't been practicing it. The negative self-talk has been loud and in charge. I read this tip: as soon as you wake up and while you are still lying in bed, say kind things to yourself or think of things you are proud of.

I decided to try this since I knew it would be a welcome change from. "Ugh I overslept. Ugh I didn't finish this or that.." You get the idea.

So I tried it. Saturday morning was our scheduled long training run and so the night before I went to bed at a decent hour, hydrated, and most importantly located clean running clothes. When my alarm went off at 7am I lay there for a minute, and tried to put a kabosh on the nervous feelings coming up pre run.

I instead said lovely, kind things to myself and I thought about people in my life that make me smile. I thought about this blog and how I feel proud of the sharing. And then, the craziest thing happened. I said to myself "I'm going back to sleep."

Yup. That's right. You thought I was going to say I leapt out of bed and proceeded to run the best long run of my life. But no, I went back to sleep for another 2 hours. But you know what. I needed it. I have been feeling mega run down. I got another cold last week, I haven't been sleeping well and I was exhausted. And it turns out the "nice thing" my body needed most was more sleep. But instead of feeling guilty about it, I actually felt grateful that I'd listened to what I needed instead of pushing myself when I wasn't feeling well.

Yeah it was kind of an unexpected side effect of the whole positive self talk. And I certainly didn't intend to talk myself out of the long run. But truthfully it felt good to listen to my body and be a little kinder that I usually am.

Anybody else on the self-love train? What do you do when you get de-railed from it?

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