Thursday, May 5, 2011

6th times the charm

I often bemoan the SF cold. Mostly, I get frustrated at my lack of preparedness for it. That fine art of layering does not come naturally to me. Lately though, the weather has been so warm. Clear blue skies and warm breezes. Exercising outdoors should be a natural next step when the sun is out, but I still have to practice making it a habit.

April was bursting with new movement. And what better way to start May than with the exercise that has been eluding me. Biking in the city. My oft neglected bicycle sits there as a constant reminder of my goal to bike through Golden Gate park. I've biked around my house, but never across the city. On Sundays, the park is closed to cars and it becomes pedestrian paradise. Bicycles and rollerskates are welcome too.

A new friend of mine is an avid bicyclist-- as in rode her bike from San Francisco to San Diego kind of avid. So when we planned a biking meet up instead of meeting for a beer, I was way intimidated at the thought of it. Luckily, she is the least intimidating biker I've ever met. Super patient and generous, but also tough enough to shout at me to keep going when I wanted to give up on the hills.
We met about a mile from my house and biked through the city towards the panhandle, a flat park area that cuts through the city and leads you into Golden Gate park. The first 2o minutes of our ride were utterly miserable. How could I be hurting so much and we're on flat ground? Turns out my wheels were woefully flat and so after swinging by a bike shop to pump up the tires, we were back in business.
View from my bicycle!

The park was full of people strolling and sunbathing. We stopped near the Conservatory of Flowers to check out the sea of blooms and then biked past the museums and even a waterfall.
Who knew there was a waterfall in Golden Gate park?

After an hour or so in the park we decided to head back to our starting spot and part ways. My friend echoed my thoughts when we were done with our ride, "You did it! You did it!" I was thinking the same thing, though my thoughts were more like, "I did it? I did it?!?" I was still a bit in disbelief.
I have not been going to my half marathon training runs (must lace up and get back out there). In the meantime I'm considering these exercises my cross-training.

Close to 2 hours of biking left my booty sore for the next 3 days; but my sense of confidence after trying these new exercises soaring. I was so not graceful on the bicycle, but I had so much fun!


  1. Wow, I am so proud of you! Love the pictures of your ride, you look so happy and confident. You are really doing great job of making exercise a fun and consistant part of your life.

  2. Great job! Looks like a beautiful place to bike!

  3. Ditto Debbie- you look so happy! I love pictures. It look like a wonderful day!

  4. Thanks you guys!
    @Debbie, When I started the ride I felt so very scared but by the end I did feel happy!

    @Natasha, It was So so beautiful!

    @Autumn, Thanks!