Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I just made up that word. Exercise-cation, it's not real. But it's what I have in store for myself this week. I'm visiting Autumn, my dear friend (and one of my favorite bloggers).

In addition to being an amazing organizer, she is also a really amazing motivator. Turns out her 4 year old is too. As we were running today, she kept saying "Come on Tia B, let's catch up with them. We can do it."

I gotta admit I haven't run in like 6 weeks and so our 20ish minute run was a doozy (and it included a few walk breaks). But overall, it felt really nice to be moving again. More exercise to come this week, I'm sure of it.

The part I couldn't get over was how naturally active these little girls were. I kept saying "way to raise active kids!" But though it sounded like I was joking, I was totally serious. They just hopped on their bikes (they are 3 and 4) and rode faster than I could run. They are brave, self-declared "explorers." Love it.

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  1. It is amazing how naturally active kids can be. Especially if they aren't sitting in front of a computer, game station or t.v. all day long.

    I'm glad that you are getting out and staying active. Keep up the great work and have a beautiful weekend!

    BTW, I have given you a blog award. If you decide to accept it, you can check my June 2nd post for details.