Saturday, July 30, 2011

13.1 miles here I come.

I have a 1,001 things I want to share, but I'm just so wiggly. I can only manage this: tomorrow is the big day. 13.1 miles.
Due to virtually no training the last couple of months, I will be walking 90% of it. But I feel good about that. Early to bed tonight, and early to rise in the morning.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It went something like this...

So the last week has gone something like this.

Start off day with fiercely fabulous eating overhaul breakfast. Usually yogurt and berries and a cup of black tea. Have fruit about 2 hours later. Have a giant and equally fabulous salad for lunch. And then about dinner time I ate right on target for half of the days. The other 4 days... Well, no gold stars for me. And a burger and fries were definitely not mentioned anywhere in "The Fat Smash diet".

But I did actually feel better overall. And the cold that was creeping up on me did get me, but not nearly as bad thanks to my ginger tea and veggie overload.

I had the very noble intention of blogging about each day. But since I didn't, let me say now that though I am not going to keep up quite that same rigorous (and sugar free) plan; there was something mega exhilarating about buying and actually using fresh fruit and vegetables. It was the first time I didn't have any spoil on me!

That was last week.... It's way too easy to let those new habits slip. Meaning I have a way too ripe cantaloupe on my kitchen counter, and 4 bananas that might be smoothie worthy but are too ripe for lunch. And even a couple of zucchini that I think I just have to say goodbye to.

Tonight I have a plan to give the fridge a clean sweep and hit the store (after breakfast) for some fresh fruits and veggies.

Anyone else feeling kind of lousy about the best of intentions? C'mon whine with me!

Monday, July 11, 2011

View from my Monday night

Two quick screen shots from my current view.
I'm watching that show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.
Wow! Wow!

A year of transformation. So far it's intense and it's only 7 minutes in.
Looking forward to reporting back on how the last few days have been going on my eating overhaul.

Have you seen this show? What do you think of it?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A (minus) for effort!

Yup! Day one-- Check!

One of the keys of an eating overhaul, is actually having food to eat.
Knowing I had very little of "on plan" food (though loads of other delicious eats thanks to my coupon filled haul) I started my new grocery list.

In the am, around the time of this post here, I'd had my black tea, but that was it.
So right after posting about the 9-day eating overhaul, I fixed 3 egg whites with spinach and bell peppers (they were the frozen kind so super easy to heat up and toss in).

Sounds pretty good right? It was except that there wasn't much flavor. And I'm used to dousing my eggs with some delicious hot sauce or something. After a few bites I gave in, but only a smidge. I put a little less than a teaspoon of Sriracha hot sauce on the eggs. It has some sugar in it and chili peppers, so it was no where close to being on plan, but it totally helped. My spice skills feel pretty limited when it comes to using spices to jazz up the flavor of a meal. Recommendations happily accepted!

Feeling fueled, I did some work and then ducked out to Trader Joe's. I loaded up my cart with veggies and fruit, including a banana I scarfed in the car before I left the parking lot. Yup gotta plan out my timing of meals better.

The grocery haul

On the lunch menu was a mondo salad with lettuce, broccoli slaw (I saw it in someone else's cart and it looked good), red onions, carrots, and tomatoes. And... dressing. Darn you trader joes and your delicious dressing. Also not on plan-- a cranberry-walnut-gorgonzola dressing that is so tasty I just about licked my bowl. But I only used a little.

Oops! Didn't snap a pic til I was halfway through with the salad.
I made the salad while hanging out at a friends house. I'm auntie to that adorable pug chilling out
in the background of the pic.

Dinner was alas also a bit off. I thought for sure I had brown rice at home, but it was white rice. Not up for another trip to the store, I went with it. A little rice, zucchini and diced tomatoes and onion.

After dinner, my "I think I might be getting a cold tea" to give my body a little boost. Garlic and ginger anyone?

Oh right, the cheese.... So I convinced myself that lactose free yogurt pepperjack cheese, while not exactly on plan is much closer than the sharp cheddar I wanted to devour. I had 2 slices of that.

Maybe I'm being mega lenient with the A-. Perhaps these "little off plan" additions would nudge me towards the C category? But actually I feel really pleased with my day o' eating. More veggies than I had in a week, very little sugar, no alcohol, much more water than I'm used to. Though I still feel under the weather thanks to this cold trying to creep in, I am mega pleased with my food for the day.

Not many pics of the food. I'll try to remember to take more.

P.S. Just received last minute invite to BBQ this weekend. Happy because I love a good BBQ (who doesn't) but nervous about what I'll actually eat.

Sriracha pic found here, along with a review too!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dusting it off

When my dear friend Coleen (aka the busiest person I know) makes a comment about my lack of blogging, I know its true. The fact that she has taken the time to check out my blog and even reach out to give me a little nudge means a lot to me.

I've actually been getting quite a few nudges from folks I love-- I've needed them.

Mostly I've been pretty checked out of my goals. I've been eating what I want, drinking what I want, and my exercise sessions have been few and far between. As a result, I've been feeling... not so hot. Yes, the half marathon is still at the end of this month (eeeek).

So in an effort to find the reset button, I decided to hop on the scale this morning. The title of this post describes that adventure, because I literally had to dust off the scale. As in grab a cloth and wipe off a layer of dust.

But despite my fear of what the scale might read, I stepped on anyway.

I already knew there had been a gain, but wasn't sure of how much.
Okay, here we go. A 7-pound gain.

Now the next step is figuring out what to do about that. Mostly I just want to feel better. More present in my body, more energetic and generally less unmotivated. So when I think about the ultimate body reset, I think of Dr. Ian. There are tons of options out there, but since Dr. Ian's plan is the only one I've ever actually followed with success (for 9 days) I knew I needed to go back to it. I wrote all about the details of the book here and here; the last time I decided to attempt this reset.

The main things I'm adding (or rather subtracting): alcohol (this is a big one of me, since I definitely enjoy my glass of wine when cooking or a beer in this summer weather), coffee (my chai!!!), cheese, sugar.

For 9 days my menu will include:
-All fruits in any quantity
-All vegetables in any quantity, except: no white potatoes or avocados
-Good sources of protein: chickpeas, beans, tofu, lentils
-Brown rice- 2 cups of cooked rice per day
-2 cups of low-fat or skim or soy milk per day
-As much water as you like!
-Oatmeal- 1 c. per day
-All herbs and spices
-6 oz. low-fat yogurt (2 times per day)
-4 egg whites per day
-2 cups of herbal tea per day

I do make a tiny change to the plan and drink black tea. Which still has caffeine. Since I'm such a coffee drinker, I know that if I just totally quit coffee I'd probably not have the patience to quit the things like alcohol and sugar (It's only this strict for 9 days). After that, you add in meats and a bit of dairy. But I'm not even thinking of that right now. For now, I'm just focusing on day one. Okay, meal one. It's already 10 am and I haven't yet actually eaten anything. I did make my black tea though.

I'll report back soon!