Monday, October 10, 2011

Kicking some assssphalt

No better way to start off your time in a new city than cheering on the locals in a half marathon, right?

Wait. No, if I had run the half marathon that would have been better. But I haven't been training since my race a few months ago, so I figured I should just stay on the sidelines this time around.

My sign was a favorite among runners (it helps that I was standing a mile away from the finish line). Tons of folks smiled, laughed, took pictures of the sign, and gave me a thumbs up. I would love to take credit for this wittiness, but it's actually the sign I saw at mile 10 of my race. It was my favorite, so I had to spread the love.

Speaking of my race... I finally checked out the pics posted on the results page. I have some cheesy grins in most of the frames, since every time I saw the camera I struck a pose. But there were a few candid shots. I snabbed this one below from the site (complete with the big 'ol "proof" right across my gams). I was blinking, but the smile from crossing the finish line is genuine.

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  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing for half marathon pic too. I want to see more!