Friday, October 7, 2011

Ready for random?

I'm up to my neck in moving boxes (literally). Towards the end there I just got mega exhausted and started shoving things in to any empty box. That seems like a good idea at the time, until you arrive in your new home and you realize half the boxes are not accurately labeled or even labeled at all. Why would I pack my flip flops with spare parts to my bike? Hmmm... makes no sense and has me running from room to room attempting some sense of order.

But, because I need a little mental break from all things packing. I thought I'd share this. Ready?

I saw this Dooney & Bourke bag featured in the September 2011 issue of Real Simple magazine and was so smitten I had to head to their website.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would covet a bag that cost $350.00. But it's just so purrrty!

I don't consider myself a "fashionista" and I certainly don't find myself daydreaming about purses. But anyone can change right? So for now, I'm picturing myself doing fabulous errands while rocking my fabulous Dooney & Bourke. In my daydream, I don't even question how I got the $350.00 to buy the bag, or how I assuaged my guilt at making such an extravagant purchase. In daydreams you just get to enjoy it!

P.S. I do wonder though why I'm doing errands in my daydream? Why can't I be exploring the latest exhibit at the Getty, or brunching with friends? Hmmm....

Vogue image found here.

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