What's in a name?

Q: Wait a second... your blog is called "B getting hot" and you're trying to lose weight. Are you equating hot with thin?

A: Short answer: No.

Longer answer: No. For me "B getting hot" is about having more and more moments when I feel strong, comfortable, confident, and really in my body.

Losing weight is just a part of it.

I am not a weight loss counselor, nor am I an expert. I am a woman who weighs more than I want to, but certainly not someone who wants to be defined solely by a number on a scale.

I am gaining more and more tools of healing, resilience and self-worth. As I practice utilizing these tools, I remember I don't only need to turn to food and weight as a source of comfort or protection.

Self-love and self-acceptance is a very personal journey. I consider sharing this journey to be a radical act. Removing shame and reclaiming some self-love! My hope is that my struggles and also my successes will resonate with others as we learn from each other. Because really, isn't learning from each other really what it's all about?

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